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Dealer Loader

Dealer Loader

Increase your brand awareness!

Looking for a way to get your products noticed? Why not use dealer loaders? Work with our branded merchandising agency to design a great prize to raffle off to your customers.

Need ideas? We’ve got you covered! Barbecues, cooler tables, luxury beer pong tables, table soccer, turntables... No project is too big for us.

With Novatis, think big! The prizes we design are made to get your customers excited. We use high quality materials such as solid wood or aluminum to make your products last over time.

The pros of working with Novatis

  • / High quality promotional products
  • / Innovative solutions
  • / Products that stand out from the pack
  • / Custom design
  • / In-house designers
  • / Environmental consciousness
  • / Many years of experience
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about your project... we have the ideal solution!

With better products, packaging, partnerships, and practices, we are minimizing our impact on the planet we love.